Project O is a radical publishing experiment rooted in outdoor culture. Featuring weekly packets of content and occasional printed works, it documents the crossovers between mountain, ocean, the open road and the city street.

Each hashtagged packet will focus on a specific theme, connecting the dots that unite outdoor pursuits and the cultures that surround them. You'll also notice that Project O has no ads. The average person is bombarded by least 2000 commercial messages a day, and we think that’s too much.

We have chosen to produce content for brands instead, collaborating with those who help make the culture by telling their stories, exploring their heritage, and reviewing their products.

That content will be clearly labeled as “brought to you by”. We also want to make Project O as open and collaborative as possible, inviting the reader to help us produce a better, richer and more inclusive media product. You’ll find ways to contribute via our live story list, coming soon. That's Project O in nutshell. Join us!

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