Acid Rambling

The Acid Rambler is the first manifestation in print of Project O

In the first week of August 2012 Project O came ramblin’ into the world in the form of The Acid Rambler newspaper.

The Acid Rambler pays homage to eleven of the individuals who embody the essence of outdoor culture.

We commissioned eleven talented artists to create portraits of our picks – who ranged from Acid Rambler Emeritus Henry David Thoreau (who retreated to Walden Pond in the mid-1800s) to our friend and collaborator Mickey Smith (who we manage to get in the water with on occasion).

We also held an exhibition at Project O’s gallery 71a, which was accompanied by an inspirational talk from Tom Richardson, a sneak preview of films from Chris Nelson of the London Surf Film Festival, and music from the lovely Ms Ruby (and her band, The Rib Cage) and Dick ‘Banjo’ Smith. On hand to provide T-shirts and other quality ramblin’ supplies were OiPolloi and those nice people at Talisker were there to make sure everyone was well oiled.

It was a great night, with crew showing up from all over the world, from many disparate corners of our lives.

Making connections, joining the dots. that’s what project O is all about.


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