The Sear Camera Holder

Waterman and photographer Thor Johnsson has invented a brilliantly simple solution for active photographers.

The first time we met Thor Jonsson  had just come back from three feral months in Southern Madagascar. He had been living in a local village miles from infrastructure, surfing, swimming and fishing every day with the local community.  Lean, intense and burned the colour of cocoa  by the Madagascan sun, the Swede had come to show me his amazing portfolio of photographs from the trip. They were  dark, saturated poems in monochrome that, in their brooding intensity reflected perfectly the quiet focus of the man – and the surf experience itself.

Having travelled and surfed with Thor  a little over the decade or so since that first meet, it was no surprise when he recently showed me his brilliantly simple invention. The Sear camera holder is beautiful in its simplicity and design. It’s an unadorned, straightforward system honed out there in the water – which allows any camera or smartphone to be carried, protected and deployed for use with as much security and as little fuss as possible. The fact that Acid Rambler Mickey Smith – as well as mountain lensmen legend Jimmy Chin – endorses the product, is true testament to its value.  The video illustrates the idea very well.


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